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Anne does not simply give a “speech” - she creates and conveys custom experiences that move her audience beyond motivation into action. By tackling hot-button Human Resource topics facing businesses today, Anne provides thought provoking research supported with real-life examples delivered through interactive, inspiring, and entertaining experiences. Her content draws you in while her humor keeps you engaged, ultimately encouraging you to take action.   

Companies hire Anne to create and convey:

  • Massive action strategies for front-line managers to implement immediately with their team leading to greater production while forming a stronger culture
  • Transformative leadership workshops driving executives to achieve deeper levels of communication with their organization and greater influence through newly formed awareness
  • Compelling presentations to ignite large industry specific conferences and events connecting the theme to purpose enhancing the attendee experience

One thing is for sure, when Anne is speaking you’ll want to have plenty of paper, pens and of course coffee to keep up!  

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