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The Works Consulting offers comprehensive human resources consulting services. We help organizations maximize the return on investment (ROI) from their employees and minimize their financial risk.

Continuous Human Resources Support
Human Resources Audit
Employee Handbook Development
Human Resources Department Setup
Performance Management System Development


The Works Consulting provides on-demand human resources services to fulfill a variety of functions that may be too cost-prohibitive to setup and execute in-house. Many start-ups and small companies who do not yet have a full-time human resources department turn to The Works Consulting to build their entire human resources function from scratch. Others outsource one or more portions, such as training or recruiting, to reduce overall costs without sacrificing quality and professionalism.

We also provide support for established human resources departments. Businesses rely on us when they’re overwhelmed or have special projects that require short-term assistance. Having an accomplished human resources firm on retainer enables you to use our services as you need them—without a large up-front investment.

Companies rely on our expertise for continuous human resources support of:

  • Employee relations
  • Recruiting services
  • Compliance management
  • Special projects
  • Leadership development
  • Performance coaching
  • Mentorship of the in-house human resources professional


Studies have indicated that the overall health of a company’s human resources practices directly affects the overall health of the business. The human resources audit evaluates human resources health in the following areas:

  • Talent acquisition and orientation
  • Policy administration
  • Benefits administration
  • Compensation practices
  • Communication and employee relations
  • Training
  • Leaves of absence

The Works Consulting focuses on how these activities are performed in your company, and will thoroughly analyze your human resources policies, procedures, practices, documentation, and systems to gain a clear understanding of the changes that need to be made to streamline your existing operations.

Our process reveals your system’s strengths and identifies new, innovative processes that can dramatically improve your daily operations. We provide you with a comprehensive report of our findings that suggests practical, customized solutions guaranteed to improve your human resources operation.

The human resources audit is a proactive way to ensure the effective utilization of your organization's human resources.


Your employee handbook is an essential tool. It is the most effective way to communicate policies and procedures, share company values and expectations, and improve employee relations.

The Works Consulting reviews your existing employee handbook and makes revisions to update your current policies.

We help you develop an employee handbook that is unique to your company culture and meets your specific needs. The many benefits of creating a comprehensive employee handbook include:

  • Providing employees with vital information, such as company history, traditions, growth,
    mission, values, and vision
  • Providing a resource that answers many recurring questions employees have about company
  • Setting guidelines for performance and stating the potential consequences of behavior, both
    positive and negative, in the workplace
  • Eliminating gray areas so that everyone has a clear understanding of the rules and can expect
    to be treated fairly and equally
  • Informing employees of company benefits, such as holidays, vacation, personal days, and
    health insurance


Setting up a human resources department can be a daunting task for any new company, but it is a critical component of employee welfare and general business administration regardless of size. The Works Consulting takes the stress out of the process by working with small and growing companies to efficiently set up their human resources functions.

We can help with your human resources needs on an ongoing basis, or we can turn it over to you when you’re ready to hire a full-time human resources professional.

Our primary goal is to put into place all of the systems and processes necessary to get your human resources department setup and running smoothly. Set up includes:

  • New employee packets
  • Employee file setup
  • Job description design
  • Reviewing current costs, structure, and compensation
  • Working with your current broker or helping you select one that will assist with health benefit
  • Analyzing current benefit plans and evaluating cost and coverage
  • Standardization of all files and forms
  • New hire orientation programs
  • Succession planning
  • Recruiting procedures

We provide a detailed assessment of your existing human resources functions and recommend areas that should be added or improved. We work to ensure that you’re in compliance with all regulations and that you’re providing employees with the best possible benefits.

When we set up your human resources department we focus on aligning your human resources strategy with your company’s goals. Our approach also ensures that your human resources function establishes a healthy workplace for your employees to support continued growth.


Implementing a meaningful performance management system is crucial for every successful company. The Works Consulting creates an entire system for managing the performance of your employees that is specifically tailored to integrate with your company’s culture, philosophy, and goals. When employees possess a clear understanding of their position and responsibilities in relation to your company’s overall mission, they perform better and strengthen your business.

A performance management system that is truly aligned with your company’s vision ensures that you have an objective process for hiring the right people for every position. We work with you to develop a results-driven system that is linked to actual job content and specifications. This maximizes productivity and ultimately helps you manage employees more effectively.

Our straightforward approach to setting achievable goals, monitoring milestones, and measuring results creates an interactive system for providing and receiving feedback. This, in turn, produces better employees and a stronger organization.

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